Salt is the first addible mineral with global commercial use it has been used in many ways since 2500 B.C such as mummifying dead bodies, to industrial  uses of the recently years.
Salt is one of the most essential minerals for both human health and cooking. Our body needs it’s sodium for muscle-neuron system and blood-pressure control.
Also salt is used to:

  • Agriculture

  • LIvestock

  • Health

  • Industry and etc…

Types Of Salt


Blue Salt, Dedicated to Iran, Stands out for it’s purplish blue color of the crystals. Beside it’s attractive blue texture, it is rich in essential minerals like Iron, Calcium and potassium. You can feel it’s 100% natural intense flavor and a striking sweet aftertaste.
Usage Cases:

  • can be added to ready food with it’s strong flavor and unique texture and color.
  • It is dry salt, so it can be used easily in your salt mill
  • Persian blue salt can be used to enhance fish “en pappilote”
  • Tomato salad, Home-made tomato sauce and wide range of your daily dishes.

You can grind them with a salt mill or crack them roughly with a pestle and mortar, or use them simply to decorate your dishes.


Himalayan salt is a rock salt(halite) and often has a pinkish tint due to mineral impurities but still it is unknown to many. it can be useful for balancing the body, while countering negative affects of sodium. Ask us for different colors include pink, red and Himalayan salt.


salt blocks, pretty & pink, can be used for cooking, curing and etc. A salt block is a slab of pure salt, and one of the popular options is the pink one, which is made by stonemasons who mine the millions-of-years-old crystallized chunks of salt from mines.


The healthy salt advice by doctors and this is more popular in east Europe such as Hungary. The salt is so good for body massage, back massage, Swimming in salty water, relax in salt rooms, also inhalation salt help your lung infection.


Without some elements
This kind of salt should not have some elements like silica and calcium cause they damage machinery.


The beautiful glow from our Rock Salt Lamps will bring a tranquil ambiance to your office, living room, bed room and bathroom.