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Annually, Iran produces more than one million tons of date fruit. There are 400 different types, 50 of which are well known in international markets and are exported throughout the world. Iran is in the second place of the biggest producer of dates in the world.  Date syrup is known as a natural sweetener and can be a good sugar substitute.

Dates have health benefits as

  • High in fibre

  • Source of Iron, Potassium, Antioxidants, Minerals

  • Improve the digesting system

Types Of Dates


It’s also known as Bam dates and Kimia dates. They are perhaps the most popular, well-known variety of date; it is estimated that Mazafati dates account for 20% of Iran’s total export of dates. With a unique taste, they are considered to be one of the most delicious of all date varieties.

Mazafati dates are dark, soft, fleshy, sweet and succulent. They are a medium sized date, typically around 2.5-4.5cm, and have a relatively high moisture content of 32-35%. They are best consumed as fresh dates.

Southern Iran (mainly in Bam, Jiroft, Kahnuj, Nikshahr Saravan, Haji Abad and Iranshahr).

August – October. The Mazafati is fully ripe at the end of the date season.

2 years at -5°C or 12 months at 0-5°C (this can be prolonged by wrapping the dates in cling film and/or plastic). Mazafati dates should be kept refrigerated.

Direct consumption – snacking and table eating. Dry or soft Mazafati dates can be eaten in their raw form, or may be seeded and stuffed, or chopped for use in cereals, puddings, bread, cakes, cookies, ice cream and candy bars. Another dates production is made into cubes, pastes, spread, powder (dates sugar), jam, jelly, juice, dates syrup, vinegar and alcohol.

Like all other varieties of date fruit, the Mazafati date is loaded with essential nutrients, including – amongst others – vitamins (A, B, C and E), minerals, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, protein, fibre, carbohydrates and simple sugars. Regular consumption of Mazafati dates can help to boost energy levels, strengthen nerves, treat anaemia, increase memory and alertness, improve skin, promote good digestive and heart health, and prevent indigestion and constipation.

Best quality mazafati dates specifications:

  • Soft and thin texture
  • Fleshy and succulent
  • Dark brown to black color
  • Sweet taste (Don’t buy sour and vinegary taste)
  • Absence of foreign impurities
  • Absence of insects and larvae


Sayer dates, also known as Stameran dates, are another delicious variety of date produced in Iran and account for 65% of the dates produced there. This kind is one of the highest quality dates produced and has been placed in high levels of dates exported by Iran.

Sayer dates are a semi-dried date with a sweet, unique taste. They are long and oval (sometimes rectangular) and about 2-5cm in size. Sayer dates start off yellow in colour, then turn to amber-coloured and then to reddish or dark brown as they ripen. They are available on the market either pitted Sayer Date or un-pitted Sayer Date.

Iranian Sayer Dates is assorted according to size and cleanliness, to below grades:

Classifications Pieces per pound
Super Select Max 70
Grade A (Select) 70-80
Grade B 80-90
GAQ 90-120

Sayer dates are grown almost exclusively in Khuzestan province, although it can be grown in most Southern cities of Iran. 70% of the palms in Khuzestan province are dedicated to Sayer date production.

September until mid-October.

One of the most important things to note about Sayer date production is that, in Khuzestan province where they are grown, dates are cultivated without the use of any pesticides and chemicals. In other words, they are 100% organic.

With a moisture level of less than 17%, Sayer dates are considered a semi-dried date, allowing them to be kept for over a year in a warehouse without the need for freezing. Despite being such a dry variety of date fruit, the way in which Sayer dates are stored allows them to remain healthy without refrigeration for 18 months, which has proved a significant factor in their exportation as it reduces transportation and storage costs. They should be kept in a cool (ideal temperature is 8°C and max 18°C not exceed 20°C for more than 4weeks) and well-ventilated place.

Whilst some varieties of dates may be unfamiliar to others outside the countries in which they are grown, Because of their export value and high quality, Sayer dates are known internationally particularly in countries such as CanadaEnglandAustraliaNew Zealand and Serbia.

In addition to daily diet (as snacks) and food supplements in the meals, Sayer dates are available for use in various food industries such as biscuits, confectionary, vinegar, dates molasses (dates honey), etc. The most important uses of it, is in beverages and alcoholic drinks factory.

All of the many varieties of dates produced in Iran are loaded with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fibre, antioxidants and simple sugars.

Best quality Sayer dates specifications:

  • Soft and thin texture
  • Normal flesh (not hard, not very soft)
  • Reddish or dark brown
  • Sweet taste (Don’t buy sour and vinegary taste)
  • Absence of foreign impurities and insects


Piarom dates, also known as chocolate dates, are definitely one of the most delicious semi-dried varieties of dates in the world. Piarom dates are unique in taste, appearance and are considered one of the most expensive varieties of date as their production is exclusive to Iran. Piarom dates are grown organically in a chemical-free process.

Piarom dates are long, slender, oval dates, with thin skin and almost dark brown in color. They are around 3-5cm in size (larger than other date varieties), and are considered semi-dried due to their low moisture content of less than 15%, lower than other varieties of dates.

More than 95% of Piarom dates are produced in Hajiabad, Hormozgan Province, Southern Iran. The palm on which they grow is typically cultivated in mountain ranges and irrigated basin areas.


It can be kept for 18 months under interim fumigation. Piarom dates should be kept out of the sun, at temperatures between 10-20°C. Abstain to keep dates with onion, garlic and oil production because of very quick odor absorbency.

Piarom dates (pitted/unpitted) can be consumed directly, particularly as nuts with shelled nuts. Piarom dates can be seeded and stuffed, or chopped and used in a variety of ways such as in cerealspuddingsbreadcakescookiesice cream and candy bars. Surplus dates can be made into cubes, pastes, spread, powder (dates sugar), jam, jelly, juice, dates syrup, vinegar and alcohol.

Piarom dates are loaded with essential nutrients, including – amongst others – vitamins (A, B, C and E), minerals, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, protein, fiber, carbohydrates and simple sugars. Piarom dates promote digestive health and prevent certain cancers such as colon cancer and stomach cancer. Due to their high levels of potassium, Piarom date can help to maintain healthy blood pressure and their high levels of magnesium is effective for muscles and nerves. This date is strongly recommended for men.

Best quality piarom dates specifications:

  • Thin texture
  • Not any track of sugar on surface
  • Soft flesh
  • Dark brown to black color
  • Sweet taste
  • Absence of foreign impurities
  • Absence of insects and larvae


Date syrup or Date honey is a clean-tasting liquid sweetener produced from organic dates that are graded from the sorting line as not visually acceptable. The dates are macerated, pits removed, heated in water and concentrated into a thick syrup. The syrup possesses a sweet odor and flavor.

Date syrup is a thick dark brown, very sweet fruit molasses extracted from dates. It has been used by many as a natural substitute to sugar, maple syrup or honey.

It is produced in 12 months.

  • Production date + 18 month
  • Keep in cool & dry ambient, store away from sources of strong odors or which may breed insect. Rotate stocks by using oldest first.

Retail sales: hypermarket/supermarket, online retailers for making cakes, bread, fruit bars, drink sweetener and sugar substitute

Industrial uses: create unique liquid products like juice blends, yogurt drink, and other beverages. to create unique liquid products like juice blends, yogurt drink, and other beverages. In addition, it is used in wines, spirits, and vinegar through the fermentation of sweet syrup liquid/pulp.

Besides the depth of flavor and character in Date Syrup, you will find the added benefit of potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, and trace minerals. Perhaps one of the least complicated sweeteners on earth.

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